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Circe – By Madeline Miller

I wanted to read a lot of women authors. So it started with collecting all the possible books that I should be reading. This book was so hyped everywhere in the social media that I read about it almost in all the book clubs I had joined. Obviously, the packaging made it sure that I do not forget the feeling when I had imagined about how pretty the book to hold and read. So, despite acknowledging the hoarder in me, I finally ordered it from Amazon.

It took a little bit of time to start reading, as I was too hesitant to open the perfect binding and pretty pages. 😁 What a perfect hoarder I am..!!

Okay, so now about the book. It’s a beauty in itself. How intricately the stories are knitted (* pun intended 😅) together around all the greek stories. And to present it from a woman’s point of view is so empowering. The woman/nymph depicted here is one of lesser gods, quite powerless among all the greek gods we have seen and read till now. Still, the character holds so much power within herself that she never knelt before the mightier ones.

Though, I had read a few greek stories when I was young I din’t remember them until I read them some if them in thus book. Still, I was aware of the major greek gods goddesses, thanks to the movies and webtoon society.

While reading the book, I couldn’t help but notice the difference between the Indian mythological stories and the Greek ones. The Greek Gods and Goddesses are described to be flawed with ease. They seem very human in that aspect. But whereas the Hindu gods are the epitome of perfection. There are very rare instances of them doing something morally wrong. The Hindu major gods were supposed to omnipotent and omniscient who can never be wrong. The Purushottam..!! Which literally translates into “The best version of man”. Wow..!! The stark contrast…!!

It was a very nice read. Loved it through and through.

Until, I write again!! 🙂

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“In this corner of the World”

It’s been long. I was skimming through Netflix to find this masterpiece. Knowing my weakness for animated movies, I should have made myself ready for the wreckage later.

Single word. Wow..!! The animation and storyline is just beautiful. Narrating from a child’s point of view, the movie is so imaginative and on point.

The movie is about the pre and post 2nd world war in Japan. Almost all the countries which were affected by the war whether directly or indirectly can relate to the movie. It’s totally not my place to judge any country’s government here. The post war kids are indeed lucky to be only knowing the war through books and documentaries. I hope with all my heart that they don’t get to experience any of those in their whole lifetime.

It would have been a dangerous and anxious sky to live under. The war has exploited the people to their brim. It really doesn’t matter who won the war. Just that the Mankind and humanity lost big time.

Until I write again. 😶


T-Series vs PewDiePie

There’s a big one sided war going on for maximum subscripted YouTube channel. PewDiePie is the one leading the list. T-Series, an Indian music production company, is catching up. I am not totally sure the reason of this rivalry for which the current champion is quite serious about. There have been various advertisements and promotions every possible public places for adding more subscribers to PewDiePie. It’s been a while, that this rivalry has started. I haven’t found any such promotions from the Indian counterpart.

Just wanted to state some facts here.

PewDiePie subscribers : 85, 153, 863 (85 M)

T-Series subscribers : 85, 124, 264 (85 M)

So, we can see what’s the buzz about.

Okay, so now get ready for the googled facts.

Population of India : 1.373 billions.

Internet users in India: 500 M (rough estimation) as per June, 2018. Only 19% of the population is considered to be using internet. ***

To state the obvious fact here, even all the internet using Indians have not subscribed to T-Series. And again, there is a possibility of a few non-Indian subscribers of T-Series channel. It’s one among the most successful music production company in India. Their YouTube channel has mostly the music videos produced by them.

So, how is it even a competition when clearly one of them is not participating at all. Pewdiepie has obvious some reasons for promoting. I am not sure what the supporters are gaining though, except for the satisfaction of competitiveness, which is cute. 😂

I am not against a healthy competition. It doesn’t matter at all, who is the winner anyway, at least to the people like me. The reason, that triggered this comparison, is what I wanted to talk about. I have read people commenting abd tweeting that they don’t want the Indian channel to be in the race. There all sorts of racist and ignorant comments which make no sense at all. The competition has somehow interpreted as a war against the community or rather the country.

This mob activity is seen everywhere in the internet. Hiding behind a random user ID, somehow these people become ultimate ninjas. They have unlimited power over every other being on the other side of the web. Online bashing has become so common, the people involved, don’t even imagine the consequences. Moral policing of the comments are considered to be violation of their freedom of speech. Irresponsible and immature admins should be guilty of starting the feuds. But I doubt a single person who just earning by doing something so passionately could be blamed for thousands of virtual entities. The world of internet which can be used to attain so many wonderful things someone becomes a merciless weapon of mental peace for many.

(*** all above facts are taken from Google. It’s just a rough estimation.)

Until, I write again. 🙂


Make amends or to give up!!

The below conversation is a wonderful depiction of what’s wrong with the world.

Is it so weird and impractical to expect people, in general, to behave humanely..!! The sad irony. If people start acting and thinking selflessly, even for a couple of hours, everyday, I guess it would make world a better place to live in. Just the thought of all problems, the upcoming generations have to bear, because of their, stupid and greedy predecessors. Thanos must have pondered a lot before coming to the conclusion.

The #MeToo movement was a big jolt to the ever patriarchal society. It made people mind their actions and act sensible for the sake of not being accused later. It’s not that everybody is lying on screen. But still, there are a few who are en-cashing the moment. Putting on a empathetic mask, nodding and acting along. How do we differentiate those deceitful hypocrisy and genuine personalities?? We are living in a time of scripted reality shows and plotted news, sold to believers. What can we expect and what do we perceive??!! Whom to believe?!! The role models we believed in have long been inflicted by the “race”. It’s the vicious circle of “survival”, “necessity” and “luxury”. Innocent hearts follow their Pied Pipers and end up being betrayed.

It made way more sense in my mind though. Just a rant. Ignore if it confused you.

Until, I write again. 🙂

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The idea of Romance

I had a surprising realization..

I love reading about romance and tragedies. I guess I knew that before. Reading is my rabbit hole, getting lost in an untrue fictional world.

But when it comes to watching it, whew…!! There seems to be a hint of sarcasm in my mind when I watch rom-coms on any screen. It just doesn’t convince me. A thought pops up somewhere in my head, it’s all in theory. I am so sure that doesn’t happen IRL. I wonder, what does that makes me…!! They seem preposterous at the moment. It worsens with time. Seems more plastic, if the scene gets replayed anytime later.

I am the friend, who makes fun of people’s feelings, in a movie theater. When there’s heightened emotions shown on the screen, I tend to turn towards my friends and check if they are crying out loud…!! Uff.. It must have been so annoying to them.

But there are some exceptions. This often fails to exist, when there are emotions exchanged within non-romantic relationships. I guess, I don’t believe in romance. Does this make me a hypocrite..!!?? And, No, there weren’t all rejections in my life. Maybe, I made it sure, there aren’t.

I dislike (hate and detest are found to be very strong words to be used here..!! ) those romantics for making a lot younger ones believe that there is one true love waiting for them at some point of time. Rather than being hopeful and waiting for the prince charming to arrive in their life, isn’t it better, to gather their trampled self esteem and place that piece of you, so high that, nobody dares to bring it down again. Rather than giving false hopes, teach people to love themselves the most.

“Talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend”. I read it somewhere and loved it. We become self critic (a very harsh one) trying to attain some imaginary goals. I wish people would stop comparing and complaining on their shortcomings and instead, work on the existing qualities. Again, I live in my own imaginary world. This happening IRL is practically impossible.

Until, I write again. 🙂


[Video/Link] BTS VLOG 2017

That would be enough for the collection.. I guess.. 😎😂

2017 (Update soon as possible)

[171112]  170918 SUGA Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[171013] 170902 Jimin Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[170809] 170521 V Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[170716] 170419 Rap Monster Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[170706] 170416 J-Hope Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[170306] 161206 Jungkook Vlog  : No Sub | Engsub

[170109] 161120 JIMIN Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[170105] 161120 Suga Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

Credits :


Engsub : Bangtansubs

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[Video/Link] BTS Vlog 2015

Adding more of them to the collection… Hope I complete them some day.. 😎

[151111] 151013 Jimin Vlog :  No Sub | Engsub

[151010] 150920 Rap Monster Vlog :  No Sub | Engsub

[150911] 150901 Jungkook Vlog :  No Sub | Engsub

[150909] 150513 Rap Monster Vlog :  No Sub | Engsub

[150902] 150512 J-HOPE Vlog :  No Sub | Engsub

[150830] 150513 Jimin & Jungkook Vlog :  No Sub | Engsub

[150708] 150405 Jimin Vlog :  No Sub | Engsub

[150611] 150403 Jimin Vlog :  No Sub | EngsubTogether With A.R.M.Y at The Begins Concert by #jimin 

[150603] 150403 Jungkook Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[150527] 150331 Rap Monster Vlog  : No Sub | Engsub

[150419] 150309 SUGA Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[150402] 150223 Jin Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[150323] 150224 Rap Monster Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[150319] 150218  J-Hope Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[150129] 150105 V Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[150128] 150107 Jimin Vlog : No Sub | Engsub

[150119] 141219…

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